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The Top 5 Must-Do Cardio Exercises for Muscle Gain

Cardio, strength-training, oblique, warm-up, intensive, targeted – if you're no 'gym freak', it's quite easy for you to get confused about which type of exercise set it is that you should do in order to achieve your fitness goals.   

Now, if your goal is to gain muscle because you have a naturally lean body type, which type of exercise is it that you need to perform?  Read on to find out more about muscle gain-related exercises.

Cardio Exercises: The Basics

Before enumerating the top cardio exercises that you should perform in order to achieve muscle gain, let us first take a look at the importance of cardio exercises.

Perhaps one of the most popular exercise machines which are being used by those who workout right in the comfort of their own homes or even those who exercise in the gym is a treadmill.  The stationary bike is another popular option. But what really is the reason behind imitating the movements of climbing a staircase if you're not really going anywhere?

Basically, the purpose of cardio exercises is to increase the work of your heart and lungs.  Some of the most common cardio exercises which does not involve any exercise equipment are walking, jogging, running and swimming.

Now, let us take a look at the benefits of cardio exercises:
- It improves your blood cholesterol level.
- It improves the way that your heart functions.
- It improves muscle mass and reduces the risks of osteoporosis.

What are the Top 5 Cardio Exercises that You Must Do for Muscle Gain?

Since you already have an idea about the importance of cardio exercises, the next thing that you need to know about is the role that it plays in muscle gain. Due to the aforementioned benefits of cardio exercises, it also ups the ante in giving your muscle-building program a boost.

Here are the top five cardio exercises that you can do if you want to gain muscle:

1. Weight lifting
Prior to this, you should make sure that you are within the ideal weight range. If you're a bit on the overweight side, then make it a point to control your diet and start eating healthier, leaner foods. Then the rest of your muscle-building program can follow.

On the other hand, if you're a bit on the skinny side and you want to build muscle, you should gain enough weight first so that there will be something to build on.  Weight lifting is one of the most popular cardio exercises that you can use if you want to achieve muscle gain.

2. Cardio workouts using the machines in the gym.
If you're hitting the gym, make sure to go straight for the step-up stair climber, the treadmill, the stationery bike and the elliptical trainer. These machines help boost your cardio workout while allowing you to build muscle as well.

3. Walking, jogging and running.
Whether you're using a treadmill or enjoying a nice day out in the sun, the most popular cardio exercises that you can do are walking, jogging and running. Aside from helping boost your strength, these will also help with your muscle gain training.

4. Full body workout.
You can do a combination of having a full body workout with your cardio exercises to maximize the muscle building effects.

5.  Skip rope!
Finally, you can use the jumping rope to achieve a total body workout, boost your cardio strength and finally achieve your goal of building muscle.

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