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Abdominal Fat Ė Why Isnít it Going Away?

6 Pack Abs - In 3 Easy Steps and a Sultry Bodybuilding Secret Revealed Having ripped abs is essential to your summer vacation at the beach. And this is not a general rule for only bodybuilders and volleyball players; it is now a fashionable addition to your body irregardless of your profession, age, gender or nationality. There is a small fringe minority out there who feel a muscular stomach is unattractive but that is usually because they don't have one. It is now possible for everyone to achieve the beach goer's dream of the 6 pack if you simply follow these easy steps and Arnold Schwarzenegger's controversial advice. Bulk and Definition - building up your abs up requires different rules than the typical strength training program. The difference with abs workouts and strength based exercises such as bench press or dead lifts is that your ab sets will contain more repetitions because your goal is bulk and definition not strength training. Think like a body builder not a power lifter. The best known exercise for defining and building up your abs is performed by using a little known home gym component called the BFAB20 AB Mantis Bench. If you don't have an AB Mantis then any knee raise/dip station should work. Do 4 separate sets until you are within a few reps of failure in each set, do these exercises 4 days per week. Lower your body fat - you can have the best defined abs in the world but if they are covered with a beer belly nobody will ever see them! You have got put as little as possible between your abdominal muscles and your skin layer. If you are carrying a few extra pounds then you need to supplement your ab exercises with a bit of fat burning cardio and a high protein diet (discussed below). Jumping rope would be an excellent cardio supplement to your ab workout. 20 minutes of rope skipping 3 days per week should speed up your progress. Proper Diet - to achieve great abdominal muscles you need not spend a bunch of time and money studying supplements and special diet fads. All you need is a simple low carb, low fat and high protein diet. It is essential to learn which foods fall within these guidelines and plan your diet abound those food groups. Lean meats, egg whites, beans and low fat milk are all excellent sources of protein. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been quoted as saying "The best things for your health are humping and pumping". So if you possess the means and maturity feel free supplement your workout with as much sex as possible, because it will do wonders for your health and especially your abs! Quality home gyms are the best way to achieve your health and fitness goals; we offer free shipping and 20% off all products. Come and see us today to get more info about achieving 6 pack abs and view the AB Mantis home gym component and other home gym equipment.

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