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Best Weight Loss Tips

by Darren O Connell

Whatever your reason for losing weight, everyone is searching for the easiest and quickest way to do so, which is why there is such a vast market of weight loss products available to consumers. But most products just do not work, because there are no quick and easy fixes to weight loss. However, there are many great tips to help you on your weight loss journey.

First and foremost, you have to exercise. There is just no avoiding exercise. Find a friend or support group to help you set and maintain your working out regiment. Having someone to hold you accountable will make you more responsible for your exercise and more likely to accomplish your goals. Five thirty minute cardio sessions a week is a great foundation to begin from. If you can’t find a block of thirty minutes, no fear! Experts say three ten minutes sessions are just as effective as one thirty minute session.

Eating smaller, more frequent meals will help satisfy your body’s caloric needs and keep you from overeating. It will also speed up metabolism. Eating smaller meals actually causes you to eat fewer calories, leading to less caloric intake and weight loss. The small, more frequent meals forces the body to produce less insulin, which can make the body feel hungry, even when it is not. Producing less insulin will result in less hunger pangs.

Try to avoid, and when possible, eliminate the “white” foods, that is, flour and sugar. High carbohydrate foods, such as foods made with white flour, can raise blood sugar levels, which in turns raises insulin production, causing you to feel hungry. This will lead to weight gain. Instead, choose whole wheat products, products with natural sugar in it, such as fruits, and incorporate fiber into your diet. These changes will help nourish your body and give you the proper balance.

Eating at home will help you lose weight. Most people overeat when dining out, so by eating at home, you can avoid the urge to eat an appetizer, salad, entrée and dessert in one sitting. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a cheat day every once in a while. Just don’t make it every night. This will also help you monitor your portions, since restaurants tend to give bigger portions than are needed. If you are eating out, split your plate in half and ask for a to go box before you start eating. This will keep you from overeating.

Another great tip is to eat only when you are hungry and to eat slowly. By following this, you can avoid overeating and packing more calories into your system then needed. Also, eating slower gives your body enough time to alert you to when it is getting full. This means less calories into your system. Less calories means less to store away, and forces your body to look for alternate sources of energy, such as fat.

Incorporating these small changes into your life style can help you lose weight and keep it off long term! It will also make you a healthier, happier individual.

Darren O Connell   Health Fitness and Fat loss

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