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Home Gym Circuit Training Routines

By Ivan Nikolov

copyright © 2008 Ivan Nikolov

We all know how difficult it might be to make it to the gym after 9 long hours at work. I bet it has happened to you not once or twice.

But what do you do when you donít feel you have the energy to stop by the local gym on your way home? Or may be you donít have the time for a workout at the gym.

Whatís the solution then? It could be only one Ė a circuit training workout at your home gym.

But first, before we go ahead with the home workout, take this from me. If you donít have a home gym set up already, donít even think of missing your workout. Go to the local gym where you are a member. Missing a single workout can set a path for a habit. Vice versa, not missing a workout wonít let you think there is such an option.

So, letís suppose that for whatever reason you canít make it to the gym, and are planning on working out at home. That means you have a home gym of some sort, already set up.

In this article I want to advise you on your choices for a circuit workout routine (one that trains the whole body). The routine you will pick however, will all depend on how your home gym is equipped.

For example if you are a hardcore bodybuilder then I am quite sure you have free weights as your main equipment.

If you are not, then you have a home-gym machine.

In case you belong to the first group, the least equipment you have (I would guess) is an adjustable bench, a rack, an olympic barbell set and a pair of dumbbells with adjustable weights.

For you Iíd suggest two circuit routines. You can do only one of them or you can do two circuits, using both if you feel you have energy (and desire) to do that:

Workout One/Circuit One

/Warm up/
Crunches 1-2 x 15 Ė 30
Flat bench press on the rack 2-3 x 12 Ė 15
Barbell rows 2-3 x 10 - 15
Seated dumbbell overhead presses 2-3 x 12 - 15
Barbell curls 2-3 x 8 - 12
Barbell lying triceps extensions 2-3 x 12 Ė 15
Squats 2-3 x 10 x 15
Stiff Leg Dead Lifts 2-3 x 10 - 12
/Cool down/

Workout Two/Circuit Two

/Warm up/
Reverse crunches 1-2 x 15 - 20
Dumbbell flys 2-3 x 10 - 12
One-arm dumbbell rows 2-3 x 10 - 12
Dumbbell lateral raises 2-3 x 10 - 12
Seated dumbbell curls 2-3 x 8 - 12
One-arm overhead triceps extensions 2-3 x 8 - 12
Lunges (holding a pair of dumbbells) 2-3 x 12 - 15
/Cool down/

Note that the number of reps is slightly higher than what you would normally do should you have worked out at the gym. I did it this way intentionally. My advice for you is to use 50 Ė 70% of your One Rep Max due to the fact that you donít have a spotter. If you think you can go heavier, please do, but at your own risk.

Now, if you own a home gym machine, here is what you can do. The simplest home gym machines are equipped for at least these several exercises: bench press, lat pull down, seated rows, biceps curls, triceps push-downs, leg extensions and standing hamstring curls.

And thatís actually plenty. You can complete the whole body in a single session.

Your circuit workout:

/Warm up/
Crunches 2-3 x 15 - 30
Seated bench press Ė 3 x 10 - 12
Lat pull-down 3 x 10 - 12
Front cable raises (machine behind you, lower pulley cable between your thighs) 3 x 10 - 12
Standing biceps cable curls (lower pulley cable, facing the machine) 3 x 10 - 12
Standing triceps push-downs (using the lat-pull down handle) 3 x 10 - 12
Leg extensions 3 x 12 - 15
Standing hamstring curls (facing the machine) 3 x 12 - 15
/Cool down/

You have more options for replacing some of the exercises:

Replace seated bench press wide grip with seated bench press close grip.

Replace lat pull down with seated rows (facing the machine).

Replace standing biceps cable curls with lying biceps cable curls (lie down on the floor on your back and place your feet on the rolling pads for support).

Well, I guess thatís it. It was easy wasnít it? Now that you finished your workout you deserve a nice, chilled protein shake. After all you are at home and can make it any way you want, right. And, yes, you should feel good because you didnít miss a workout.


Ivan Nikolov, an accomplished natural bodybuilder shares a wealth of information on Natural Bodybuilding and Sports Nutrition on his website Start using his comprehensive Free Nutrition Software today!

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