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Developing The Perfect Weight Lifting Diet Plan

If you are working to add muscle mass and improve your physical fitness levels, then you will need to do more than head to the gym. You will also have to change the way you eat.

The ideal weight lifting diet plan isn't just about choosing the right kinds of foods. It's also about eating them in the best possible way. Keep these suggestions in mind as you work to create the perfect weight lifting diet plan.

Eat Every Three Hours

If you are working to build a more muscular physique, you are going to want to increase your intake of calories. However, that increase doesn't need to be drastic. Someone that is already athletic should up their calorie intakes by about 250 calories each day. Someone on the slimmer side may want to increase their calorie intake by 500 calories or more.

In order to ensure that your body gets the calories it needs, you should start your day off with a substantial, protein-rich breakfast. Past that, you should eat a snack or meal every three hours. Try to avoid eating at the same times every day; this can cause you to experience hunger pangs at those times.

Change The Way You Eat Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates can be very valuable to anyone that is trying to put on muscle. Studies have found that carbohydrates stimulate muscle protein synthesis. ( With that said, weight lifters should be careful about the way they consume carbohydrates. Carbs should not be eaten prior to a workout. They should only be eaten afterwards. In addition, body builders should choose the carbs they eat with care. Whole grains and protein-rich carbs, like quinoa, are ideal. White carbs should be avoided at all cost.

Include Protein, Fruits, And Vegetables In Every Meal

Weight lifters should be consuming a substantial amount of protein as they work to put on weight. It is typically recommended that a person each 1 gram of protein for each pound of body weight. For example, a person that weighs 250 pounds would need to eat 250 grams of protein each day.

Bodybuilders also need to make sure that they are providing their bodies with the valuable nutrients and antioxidants that are found in fruits and vegetables. Berries are an especially good choice; most berries are full of antixodants and omega-9 fatty acids. When it comes to vegetables, dark leafy greens, such as kale or spinach, are particularly valuable.

Increase Your Saturated Fat Intake

Although many people have a negative impression of saturated fats, studies have shown that saturated fats can significant increase testosterone levels. Because of this, it is important that weight lifters include some saturated fats in their diet. (

Healthy sources of saturated fat include peanuts, salmon, and olive oil. Cheese is also fairly high in saturated fat. While weight lifters should choose healthy food, they should also ensure that they are consuming an ample amount of fat.

If you want to build muscle successfully, you will need to put together an excellent weight lifting diet plan. Keep these suggestions in mind as you work to determine what you should eat. Make sure you select the right kinds of foods. What you eat can have a serious impact on your overall physique.

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