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Do You Need A Gym Instructor?

If you are looking for fitness personal trainers on the net, you will come across many many health and fitness websites extolling the virtues of why you should find and hire a fitness personal trainer to help you achieve your weight loss or gain muscles goals, didn't you?

If you are reading this free fitness tips article, of which you are doing now, you are probably surprised to find why a fitness personal trainer like myself is telling you why you don't need one. You will probably think that I am crazy. Perhaps I am. Well, read on and you may discover that I am not as crazy as you think after all.

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  • You do not need a fitness personal trainer because you hated the commitment that entails once you hire a personal trainer. After all, you have been working out for many years without any commitment to anyone, even to yourself and that is why, you only workout as and when you are pleased. Well, you do concede that the results you are getting are never satisfactory and of course you are frustrated with your results. But what the heck, no big deal because you prefer to waste time, waste gym membership fees and enjoy getting frustrated. After all, aren't most people like this? You are of course entitled to your freedom of liberty.
  • You do not need a fitness personal trainer because you hated idea of someone whose body shape is almost perfect to coach and encourage you, so that you can achieve your health and fitness goals much faster. Your idea of going to the gym is to socialize and to chat up the girls. So why should you subject yourself to a strenuos exercise regimen planned by a personal trainer who can sculpt your body to be more attractive and desirable to the girls you wanted to chat up? No thanks, beer belly will do just fine.Girls just simply love big bulging tummies, you justified to yourself. So who needs a flat stomach with those ugly defined six pack abs? You certainly don’t, or don't you?
  • You do not need a fitness personal trainer because you believe in the precept of “no pain no gain.” So if you exercise using the wrong form and techniques resulting in painful or even worse, permanent injuries, well, that is pain isn’t it? So therefore with pain, there will be gains. Hmmm, such profound reasoning that even the great Asian philosopher Confucius will be confused if he is still alive eh?
  • You do not need a fitness personal fitness trainer because you pay your income taxes. So without a fitness personal trainer to guide and train you with scientific methods, you will not lose much body fat and dangerous visceral fat, so you will still have that high blood pressure, that potential stroke and that impending heart attack, so that you will eventually land up in a government subsidized hospital and so that some of the taxes of which you have paid will be utilized by yourself. Ah....heh heh, that is how you get your money back. That is clever thinking eh? You are glad that even without a PHD in business studies, you can figure out how to get a wonderful return of your investments from your paid taxes. Hmmmm..... does PHD stands for Permanent Head Damage?
  • You do not need a fitness personal gym instructor because you believe in conforming to the society. After all, most people in your country are overweight and not exactly glowing with good health, then why should you be any different? You hate to be different because you don't want to be labeled as an anti social. You are delighted to be like most people, obese and unhealthy. Hey, you are a herd mentality good citizen, aren't you?
  • You do not need a fitness personal trainer because you can spy on people who hire personal trainers in your gym. You eavesdrop on their trainers giving instructions and then you secretly workout according to what you have overheard and secretly seen not realizing that each and person is different and workout plans are tailored to each individual requirements and needs, further factoring in other issues such as a person's lifestyle, eating habits and even the choice of exercises to be executed. You prefer to “monkey see, monkey do” and eventually falling painfully off the tree unlike the monkeys. Or should I say falling off the Empire State Building like the mighty King Kong?

Whoever said that you need to hire gym instructors in order to own a lean toned attractive muscular body that only others can dream of must be crazy, don’t you agree?

Submitted by Chris Chew, fitness personal trainer at

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